Teammate Gatherings and Celebrations

Here at Sourcegraph, we encourage frequent team virtual and in-person gatherings outside of work. We also like to celebrate, and we like to celebrate you! Use this guide for team gatherings and to celebrate your teammates’ birthdays, anniversaries, and source some really great gift ideas.

Team Virtual Gatherings

In addition to our travel budget for in-person meetups, we encourage teams to gather for fun activities in a virtual setting. Each team has $150 per person per quarter to spend on a team gathering of their choice. This budget can be used for a wide array of activities including meals, games, prizes, etc. For single-events with expenditures above $1,500 please request approval from the finance team (

Teammate In-Person Gatherings

As an all-remote company, we want everyone to feel included and connected, regardless of where they’re located. As such, each teammate has $150 per person per quarter to spend on a gathering of their choice (in addition to travel budgets). This budget can be used for a wide array of activities including meals, transportation, etc. We will reimburse only your own portion of the bill if you include a non-teammate, so make sure to separate your bills or ask for separate receipts.


We like to take the time to celebrate big milestones for teammates who have hit their yearly anniversaries (and beyond)! Managers can easily access all teammate anniversaries by checking their Bamboo HR homepage.

To celebrate anniversaries, managers can send gifts to their direct reports according to the gift amount policy detailed below.

  • Managers can choose to send Loop & Tie collections as anniversary gifts*. To create a Loop & Tie account, please reach out to Cecily Black at or if Cecily is not available, the #people-ops Slack channel. Please note:

    • *Requests for changes or additions to inventory cannot be facilitated at this time. This is being reviewed and updates will be posted!
    • There are both US and international Loop & Tie collections, be mindful to choose the correct collection when sending these out.

Gift amount policy for anniversaries

Anniversary gifts should not exceed the following amounts per teammate and per year:

  • Year 1: $25 USD
  • Year 2: $50 USD
  • Year 3: $75 USD
  • Year 4: $100 USD
  • Year 5: $150 USD
  • Year 6: $200 USD
  • Year 7 and above: $250 USD


Sourcegraph encourages teammates to take a day of vacation on their special day in alignment with our Paid Time Off Policy. If your celebration happens to fall over a weekend please be sure to take an alternate day such as the Friday prior or the Monday after.

We’d also like to be considerate of all teammates and acknowledge that not everybody likes to be in the spotlight on their birthdays. Managers should check their employee’s BambooHR profile for their birthday and ask them personally if they’d like to celebrate it at work beforehand. With their permission, people managers will consult their team on an appropriate gift / gift card for the employee and can expense this using Airbase.

To add the BambooHR “Birthdays” calendar to your Google Calendar, please use this link ( and perform the following steps:

  • Go to Google Calendar
  • Click Settings
  • Click Add calendar
  • Click From URL
  • Paste link in URL of calendar box
  • Click Add calendar.

Need a little help on what to get? Here’s a few of our favorite things:

Gift amount policy for birthdays

Birthday gifts should not exceed $50 USD per teammate. It is also advisable to spend the same amount for each person on your team when getting a gift for them to create fairness within the group.

Other personal milestones

Other personal milestones such as promotion, marriage, baby announcement, and so forth, can be celebrated at the discretion of teammates. Sourcegraph does not have a budget for celebrating these milestones as they are not experienced by every person on a regular cadence. However, teammates are still welcome to celebrate these milestones if they choose!

Branded swag

Internal requests:

  • Requests for branded swag for internal use cannot be facilitated by the People Ops team at this time. We therefore can’t take ad hoc requests and appreciate your understanding. This is being reviewed and updates will be posted! If you have any questions, please reach out via the #people-ops channel or

External requests:

  • Requests for branded swag for external use can be fulfilled by following these instructions on the Gifting Guidelines page. If you have any questions, please reach out via the #marketing channel.

Sending gifts via mail

If you require a teammate’s address to send a gift, please ask the teammate directly if they are comfortable sharing their address for gift purposes. (While People Ops and managers do have access to address information, it is considered confidential and just as with other information of sensitive nature, we are unable to share it as with others).

Happy celebrating!

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to or the #people-ops channel.