Sourcegraph mental health resources

Overview Mental Health Perks:

We understand the significance of prioritizing mental well-being, especially in challenging times. We value and support our teammates’ mental health and wellbeing. Sourcegraph offers Mental Health support through multiple avenues to meet each teammate’s individual needs. We offer a reimbursement up to $250 annually, recommended applications/services, and health insurance plan benefits. Our reimbursement program does not require receipts to be submitted. In addition to general mental health support, our Family Planning vendor, Maven, offers 24/7 support to teammates with family concerns.

  • Find a mental health provider through our benefits plans
    • General mental health:
      • Use the Sequoia app “find a provider” feature
      • Contact our benefits advocate team
    • Family planning or family concerns:
      • Contact Maven support
  • Use an insurance plan sponsored app
    • Kaiser (Calm, Ginger, MyStength are all included)
    • UHC (Sanvello)
  • Recommended mental health apps:


Q: How do I submit the annual one-time stipend for my choice of mental health resource?

A: All teammates (US and non-US based) will submit the request for the stipend through this google form. The people team will approve within 3 business days.

US-teammates: Expect the stipend on your paycheck within 1 month of approval

Non-US teammates: Please add a one-time $250USD stipend to your next invoice

Q: Is the mental health stipend a taxable benefit?

A: Yes, like all stipends it will be taxed.

Q: If my mental health services cost more than $250 annually can I request a stipend for the full amount?

A: Unfortunately, not at this time. The maximum annual amount is $250/per teammate

Q: How can I use the stipend for mental health?

A: The stipend can be utilized for a wide range of mental health-related expenses, such as therapy sessions, counseling services, consultations, mindfulness and meditation classes, mental health apps or subscriptions, and self-help books. Recommended resources above

Q: Can I use the stipend for fitness-related activities?

A: Yes. While the stipend is primarily intended for mental health purposes, physical fitness can significantly contribute to overall well-being. As such, you can use the stipend in addition to the Wellness perk for fitness-related activities that have a direct positive impact on your mental health. Recommendations include yoga, pilates, tai chi, personal training sessions that focus on mental health and stress reduction etc.

Q: Can I use the stipend for a family member’s mental health support?

A: No, at this time the $250 benefit is focused on our teammates’ mental health.

Q: Why are we not offering a larger budget per teammate with how expensive therapy services can be?

A: The People Team is always evaluating our benefits and perks while working within a tight budget. We are very excited we have been able to repurpose our Modern Health budget to support a variety of mental health services.

Q: Will my manager need to approve my reimbursement request?

A: No, the people team will approve the stipend requests. Your manager is not part of the approval workflow.

Q: How do I know what resource is best for me?

A: There is not a one-size fits all solution to mental health resources. We recommend reviewing the recommended apps and find one that’s overview resonates with you. For US-based teammates: You can also reach out to our benefits advocate team to learn what therapy resources are available through your insurance plans.

Q: How do I know what mental health resouces my health insurance covers?

A: Please reach out to our benefits advocate team who can outline exactly what your insurance plan offers, and how to find a provider.

If you have questions not answered here, please reach out to the People Team through #ask-people-team or

People team resources:

Program owner: People-Ops

Internal process:

  1. Teammate submits Google form
  2. People Ops is notified of new submission and reviews
  3. Teammate is notified of approval
  4. Stipend is provided within 30-days (1 month)
    1. US-based teammates: People Ops sends email to Payroll@sourcegraph to have yearly stipend issued
    2. Non-US based teammates: People Ops will send teammate an approval email requesting a one-time yearly stipend of $250USD be added to their next invoice
  5. Yearly a reminder is sent out to all teammates to submit the Google form to receive the stipend.
  6. Here is the tracker (access only provided to people team members)