Parental Leave at Sourcegraph

Parental leave benefit

  • Sourcegraph ensures you are paid 100% of your salary for up to 16 weeks (covering the difference between any country or state-sponsored benefits and your full salary).
  • You may take more or less than 16 weeks, depending on your needs and preferences (anything over 16 weeks is unpaid).
  • You may take the 16 weeks consecutively, or you may choose to use them non-consecutively (so long as it is within 12 months of your initial leave date).

Communicating and logging your parental leave

Notify the People team

  • Notify People Ops via email ( as soon as you can (no later than 1 month prior to your leave date) with answers to the following questions:
  • What date are you planning on starting your leave?
  • What is the due date?
  • Are you the birthing caregiver or non-birthing caregiver?
  • Which country and state will you be based in during your leave?
  • Do you plan on taking 16 weeks (or more/less)?
  • Will you be taking your leave consecutively or non-consecutively?
  • Are there any questions or concerns you have for the People team regarding your leave?

Once you’ve notified the People team via email, someone from the People team will follow up with next steps!

Notify your manager

Notify your manager no later than 1 month prior to your leave date. Discuss your parental leave date and return-to-work date so that you can both plan for your absence in advance.

Log your parental leave

Once you’ve communicated and confirmed your leave dates with People Ops and your manager, please use Roots PTO to record your leave (you should record this PTO once you’ve confirmed your leave and return-to-work dates). We have a Parental Leave category, please make sure to log your leave within Roots using this category so that other folks are aware you’re out and that we have those dates recorded in our HR systems.