Submitting expenses


Generally, you should feel free to spend in ways that are in the best interest of the business (see our philosophy in spending company money). Approvals for spend are routed based on amount and department in Airbase, please see our spending limits. For all expense related questions, feel free to email us at or post in Slack at #expense-inquiries.

If you are submitting an expense for a gift, meal, or entertainment with a prospective customer, vendor, or other external business partner, consult the Gifts policy in our Code of conduct and submit a form for any gifted items, meals, or entertainment with market value above $50.

Submit expenses every month

Teammates should submit expenses at the end of every month.

We prepare unaudited financial statements every month based on the prior month’s spending. Submitting expenses before the month ends simplifies our jobs, makes the financial reports we rely on for planning more accurate, helps our finance team track and ensure that each teammate is in compliance with our monthly expense limits, and helps you get your money back faster!

Any expenses more than 90 days old require approval by Finance. Itemized receipts must be included for any reimbursement requests over $25.

US based teammates

Reimbursement requests are processed on Airbase, which can be accessed via Okta. You will need to add your banking information into Airbase. All expenses will first be routed to your direct manager and then to Accounting for approval. Expect a 7-10 day turn around on receiving reimbursements.

Reimbursements Help

Teammates based outside of the US

Contractors should also submit expense reports promptly at the end of each month, and include the expenses in their monthly invoices. Once the expenses are approved, the full invoice can be paid.

PEO teammates under Deel should use their dashboard in to do so. You can follow instructions here.

Internet, phone, and wellness benefits

  • For US based teammates: these fringe benefits are automatically added to your paycheck (the total amount is split up over both paychecks for the month), there is no need to submit them via Airbase.
  • For teammates based outside the US: you can have these as fixed line items on your invoices and you will be paid for the full amount every month (receipts are not required for these fixed line items).
  • Fringe benefit amount (per month):
    • Internet: $50
    • Phone: $75
    • Wellness: $100

Other invoices

For bills above $1,000, or for bills that require invoicing (versus using a personal credit card and expensing), please refer to the finance handbook’s guide for getting invoices paid.