Submitting Expenses through

If you’ve been employeed via Deel, follow these steps to submit an expense for reinversement.

  1. On the homepage of your Deel account ( click on your contract (Your name)

Step 1: Click on your name

  1. Click on Add Item

Step 2: Click on add item

  1. Fill in the Details regarding your expense and attach any associated receipts

Step 3: fill in expense details

  1. You Expense will appear under the Pending tab

You can now sww your expense

Internet, phone, and wellness should be entered as Allowances as these are taxable.

Co-working, desk setup, and any other reimbursements should be entered as Reimbursements as there are NOT taxable to teammates.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the People Team in #ask-people-team in Slack