CE Core Competencies & Career Ladders

This page (WIP) is dedicated to how we think about recruiting talent, assessing performance and development, and promoting and advancing individuals.

The CE team is a single globally distributed team. There are 6 levels within the organization that comprise of Customer Engineers, Senior Customer Engineers, Principal Customer Engineers, and Senior Principal Customer Engineers.

Core Competencies

We think of the three core competencies that every CE must demonstrate in order to serve our customers and our business: leadership, business, and technology. Within each pillared competency are defined core behaviors that CEs perform. Each behavior has differing expectations depending on the leveling of the individual.


The leadership pillar embodies both the external and internal interpersonal relationships we build and nurture, the way in which we lead customers to value, and how we drive more value and better ways of doing business.

Within the leadership pillar there exists three core responsibility areas:

  • Customer Interactions
  • Leading to Outcomes
  • Mentorship & Influence


The business pillar embodies the way in which we come to know and understand our customers’ business and their needs. It also includes how our business serves these needs.

Within the business pillar there exists three core responsibility areas:

  • Delivering Value
  • Contextual Understanding
  • Operational Excellence


The technology pillar embodies the skills necessary to solve customer problems.

Within the technology pillar there exists three core responsibility areas:

  • Technical Aptitude
  • Product Knowledge
  • Domain Subject Matter Expertise