This document describes the standard procedures for how to make announcements to the company. However, unique circumstances may call for deviating from these norms.

First days

New teammates should post a message in #teammate-announce on their first day introducing themselves to the company! They can include pictures of themselves and/or loved ones, pets, hobbies, or anything else they choose.

Org structure changes

This includes, promotions, title changes, team switches, reporting structure changes, team name changes, etc. Any change that affects our org chart or someone’s title should be communicated to People Ops prior to announcement. The manager in charge of the particular org change should first notify People Ops via #people-ops or of the change so they can update any necessary systems (such as our HRIS, BambooHR), and then continue with a message announcing the change in #teammate-announce and any other relevant channels.


Managers should post notes celebrating internal promotions in the #teammate-announce channel. We believe that culture is defined in part by who is celebrated, rewarded, and promoted internally, and these announcements are an opportunity to both reward a deserving individual and to remind the rest of the team what behaviors are rewarded.

These posts should cover:

  • What the promoted teammate has done to merit promotion
  • How the teammate’s performance and actions embody our values
  • What the teammate’s new responsibilities and role will be


When a teammate leaves Sourcegraph, the individual’s manager should post a brief note in #teammate-announce and cross-posted to the #manager-team channel (and each individual manager can choose to announce that teammate’s departure in their next team meeting or in their 1-1s if it is relevant to their team or their projects).

These posts should cover:

  • The fact that the teammate is departing
  • The date of the teammate’s last day at Sourcegraph
  • How to connect with them outside of Sourcegraph (e.g., a LinkedIn link)

In the interest of respecting the teammate’s privacy, the reason for the departure will only be disclosed on a need-to-know basis. These posts should NOT cover the reason for the departure.

If the teammate chooses, and still has access to Slack, they are free to share any context they may desire.

Switching Teams

When a teammate switches teams, the teammate’s new manager should post a brief note in the #teammate-announce channel announcing the switch and what the teammate’s new responsibilities and role will be.