Company meeting

What: A bi-weekly live meeting that takes place every other Tuesday at .

Why: To come together as a global team to align on company goals and strategy, recap progress/blockers, and create a moment of synchronous connection as a team. This is an important communication touchpoint all teammates should prioritize the time to attend.

How: Attend live via Zoom. Invites are automatically sent to your calendar. If we make any changes to the invite, we will notify the team in #announcements.


A member of the Comms team will send a recap of each company meeting in #announce-company, along with the recording, slides, and speaker notes.

Company meeting recap archive (stored in our shared G-drive)


All company meetings are recorded and the recording is shared in #announce-company following the meeting along with any slides and scripts.

If a recording isn’t shared here is the process to access it yourself:

  1. Go to (as a Zoom admin).
  2. Next to the correct item (Topic: Company meeting), press Share....
  3. In the dialog, select Share this recording: Publicly and press Save.
  4. Ensure Password protection is on.
  5. Press Copy sharing information to clipboard.
  6. Write a message in #general saying Company meeting slides + recording.
  7. As a reply to that message’s thread, paste the copied Zoom recording info and a link to the Google Slides doc.