Company meeting

What: A bi-weekly live meeting that takes place evry other Tuesday at 3pm UTC.

Why: To come together as a global team and hear from @sqs and other leaders about company goals, to align on company strategy, and to celebrate recent wins. This is an important communication touchpoint all teammates should prioritize the time to attend.

How: Attend live via Zoom. Invites are automatically sent to your calendar. If we make any changes to the invite, we will notify the team in #announcements.


A member of the Comms team will send a recap of each company meeting in #announcements, along with the recording, slides, and speaker notes.

Company meeting recap archive (stored in our shared G-drive)


All company meetings are recorded and the recording is shared in #announcements following the meeting along with any slides and scripts.

If a recording isn’t shared here is the process to access it yourself:

  1. Go to (as a Zoom admin).
  2. Next to the correct item (Topic: Company meeting), press Share....
  3. In the dialog, select Share this recording: Publicly and press Save.
  4. Ensure Password protection is on.
  5. Press Copy sharing information to clipboard.
  6. Write a message in #general saying Company meeting slides + recording.
  7. As a reply to that message’s thread, paste the copied Zoom recording info and a link to the Google Slides doc.