Sourcegraph open source project FAQ

This document is about the Sourcegraph open source project, not the product or features of Sourcegraph.

What kinds of contributions are accepted?


What license is Sourcegraph released under?

Sourcegraph OSS is released under the Apache 2 license. Sourcegraph OSS comprises all files in this repository except those in the enterprise/ and src/enterprise/ directories.

All files in the enterprise/ and src/enterprise/ directories are subject to the Sourcegraph Enterprise license.

Is all of Sourcegraph open source?

All files in this repository except those in the enterprise/ and client/web/src/enterprise/ directories are open source, and build a product known as Sourcegraph OSS. Sourcegraph OSS omits certain trademarks, logos, and paid enterprise features from the official Sourcegraph build to make it open source.

The official, free Sourcegraph build is called Sourcegraph Core and includes these additions (the source code of which is available in the /enterprise and /src/enterprise directories and is covered by the Sourcegraph Enterprise license). The reason why we include these features in the official build is to provide a smooth upgrade path to Sourcegraph Enterprise (you can just supply a license key to activate the features, with no migration necessary).