As part of the Sourcegraph team, you are required to complete different compliance trainings. All team members, regardless of location, are required to take harassment prevention and security awareness training, and an annually roll re training of both of them. The training takes place in Continu (LMS).

  • New hires complete the training as part of their onboarding within their first three weeks at Sourcegraph.
  • All teammates re take trainings annually on a set date. [April for Security Awareness and July for Preventing Harassment]
  • New hires who joined within 6 months prior to the re training, don’t have to do the retraining that year.
Training Teammate Location Frequency Responsible team
Security Awareness


Keeping Sourcegraph secure is everyone’s job. Together we can prevent security threats.

All locations
  • Onboarding
  • Annually by the end of April
Preventing Harassment and Discrimination training


We are committed to providing a safe environment for all Teammates free of harassment and discrimination.

All locations.

Different trainings must be taken based on location. Visit this page to see which states have their own training.

  • Onboarding
  • Annually by the end of July
People team

Preventing Harassment training

All ICs promoted to managers have to take the Preventing Harassment and Discrimination training for managers within their first 6 months as managers. To stay compliant, Sourcegraph adds a second annual roll out in January that only applies to promoted managers:

  • All teammates promoted between January and July do the training in July (normal cadence)
  • All teammates promoted between July and January do the training in January - This does not apply to international teammates as they do not have a manager specific training.

People team resources You can read more about compliance training in our Internal Compliance page.