Tools we use



Loom is a video messaging tool that helps us foster our asynchronous communications. Read more about how we use Loom, guidelines for using it properly and a quick training here.


Roots is our paid time off (PTO) management system that is hosted within Slack. Roots allows all teammates to notify their manager and delegate any tasks during their PTO to appropriate teammates directly via Slack’s interface. As a manager, you are able to pull reports on your team’s historical and upcoming PTO.

Please note: we do not use BambooHR’s PTO request system. If your direct report submits a PTO request via BambooHR, please hit “reject” and direct them to Roots to resubmit.

⚡️ You will notice that under “Apps” in your Slack, you’ll see “PTO by Roots” – so you should be able to view all your existing PTO events and it’s where you’ll go to submit all PTO events moving forward (this includes public holidays)!

📆  Make sure to sync your calendar (on the home page of “PTO by Roots” app in Slack) to ensure that all your PTO events also sync to your and your manager’s Google Calendar.

Keep in mind that Roots creates a day event and not an OOO event. This means that your events won’t be canceled or rejected. Once you’ve submitted your time off via Roots, go to your calendar and create an OOO event for the days you’ll be out. We also recommend you invite your team to the event Roots created.

Roots training

Take a look at this quick video to learn how to use Roots to submit time off. You can also read the product overview.

For additional resources from Roots, please see this folder.

For more information on our PTO philosophy and policy, please see Paid time off.

For additional information on how to request time off, please see Submitting time off