Plato - Mentorship platform

Sourcegraph offers an Employee Assistance Program to all Engineers via Plato. Plato is a mentorship platform for Engineers and Product (Leaders) that helps leaders develop soft skills and build better teams.

Teammates will receive extra coaching support from a dedicated Talent Coach to build their development plan and be matched with highly relevant mentors.

For ICs looking to improve their skills to progress in the career framework, Plato’s mentors are a valuable way of getting regular feedback typically provided by a manager.

What does Plato offer?


1,300+ mentors powering the platform.

  • Learn: refine mentoring and leadership messaging and skills
  • Building brand as tech leader (kudos, awards, profile etc.)
  • Build network with mentees and other mentors and leaders

Talent Coaches

They are Plato team members who foster mentee growth and drive value.

  • Onboarding & async check-ins to set goals, evaluate progress, and drive accountability
  • Provide platform support (questions, re-matching, etc.)
  • Coaching techniques to uncover personal challenges & roadblocks


Events and content. A number of ways for your team to engage with engineering leaders and learn.

  • Blogs
  • Stories
  • Articles
  • Elevate Summit

Plato One Pager


Am I eligible?

All Engineers are eligible to use Plato. If you are part of the Product team or Customer Engineering team, please ask the People Ops team or your People Partner.

How do I register?

If you are interested in getting a seat, plese fill out this form. If there are no seats available you will be added to the waitlist.

The People Ops team is responsible for Onboarding teammates to Plato. If you are have any questions, please reach out to Inés or your People Partner.