Org chart

The org chart is generated automatically from team pages in the handbook (need to edit it?). Sourcegraph teammates can see a complete and up-to-date org chart for the entire company in BambooHR.

Generating org chart…
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Customer Support

Customer Engineering


People Ops

Business Operations & Strategy

Finance & Accounting

Tech Ops


Sales team

SDR team

Sales strategy & operations

Value Engineering & Sales Enablement

Other teams: TODO

Not all teams are listed here yet.

How to edit

This org chart is generated automatically based on the contents of other handbook pages.

  1. To add a team, edit this page and add a link to the section of the team’s page that lists the members (such as ### [My team](../../myteam/
  2. To edit a team, edit the linked section on the team’s page. In the example above, you’d edit the Members section of ../../myteam/ Everything in that section until the next heading is displayed on this page.
  3. To add any other text or structure to this page, just insert it as you would normally. Only 3rd-level heading links (lines that start with ### and that have a link) are treated specially; all other content is preserved.