Data Operations

What is DataOps?

Data Operations is a sub-team within Business Operations. Our responsibilities include data analytics and data engineering.

The team’s focus areas include:

  • Data Reliability and Infrastructure
  • Data Taxonomy
  • Data cleanliness and quality
  • Reporting


Provide data infrastructure, implementation, and analysis to enable Sourcegraph to scale as a data-driven organization.


Our focus for this fiscal year is to create a strong data foundation, ensuring our data is trustworthy, well-documented, and reliable. Specifically, we’ll focus on:

  • Data consistency and reliability
  • Data taxonomy and documentation
  • Operational visibility
  • Accessible dashboarding

Roles and responsibilities

We have defined areas of ownership for the teams involved with DataOps.

  • Data Analytics:

    • Reporting and dashboarding
    • Ownership of BI Tools
    • Data taxonomy and consistency
    • Documentation
    • Analysis
  • Data Engineering:

    • Pipeline creation
    • Data warehousing
    • Pipeline maintenance: alerting, monitoring, security
  • Sales and Marketing:

    • Management of respective tools (e.g. Salesforce, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Zendesk)
    • Day to day ownership of data collection, reporting, workflows

Data sources

This diagram provides a high-level overview of the tools we use: image

For more info on our data stack tools, see the analytics page.

Pings information

Pings are the telemetry we receive from on-prem instances.


View our roadmap for . If you have requests, suggestions, or ideas for the roadmap, please post in the #bizops Slack channel, or create an issue in the analytics repository.