Customer Environment Questions

As part of the Distributions team’s Goal to be more customer-data driven we have developed a questionnaire for teams that interact with customers (CE, CS & Distribution).

The questionnaire resides in Google Drive here.


Data collection

The form is for internal use only. A Sourcegraph employee must fill it out. It is not required that the entire form be completed every time we have a customer interaction but rather to provide a baseline knowledge of any considerations that need to be made when interacting with a customer. To make this form more discoverable, a link to it is included in the customer issue template.

Data Pipeline

The pipeline for customer data is below

Image of customer data pipeline


We use BigQuery to transform the results and Looker to view them. This allows teams that use this data. to view trends over time and see what the majority of customers use.


This is used to display the latest information we have on a customer to aid CE / CS teams in quickly understanding customer requirements.

Updating questions

This form relies on Google App Script for some automation, and the backing Google Sheet utilizes some automations. This means that schema changes need to be coordinated in order to prevent breaking the above pipeline.

A preliminary process for doing this is to create an issue in the customer repo and tag @sourcegraph/bizops , @sourcegraph/customer-engineering & @sourcegraph/distribution.

If this change is approved, then we can use the issue to coordinate the necessary schema changes.