Customer Engineering

Who we are

Customer Engineers wear three hats. We are:

  1. Sales engineers
  2. Solution architects
  3. Technical success managers

CEs are first and foremost responsible for building and fostering relationships with developer users and champions at our prospects and customers. We serve as the technical experts during the sales cycle and help enable our customers throughout our journey together by helping customers get more value from using Sourcegraph in more and better ways.

We show up for our customers, open source users, and teammates by living up to our Sourcegraph values and handbook, as well as in the following ways:

  • We deeply know and understand our customers and their needs; we enable them and guide them
  • We teach our customers new and better ways to get value from Sourcegraph as thought leaders and evangelists
  • We serve as the voice of the customer to internal teams, providing key insights and feedback, and raising feature requests

Why CE is both pre- and post-sales

The CE team is both “pre-sales” and “post-sales” because the moment that a sale occurs doesn’t usually change what our customers need from us. Most organizations have deployed Sourcegraph and rolled it out (sometimes widely, sometimes to a limited proof-of-concept group) by the time they become a paying customer. This is different from many other enterprise software products, where the software isn’t actually used (for real) until the contract is signed.

The continuity that a CE provides means we give customers consistent and high-quality service and technical advocacy from the moment we meet them. We minimize handoffs, which is good for customers and helps our team take pride in seeing their work through.

Team KPIs / Measures of Success

CE is responsible for overall customer health. Two important dimensions of Customer Health are: Adoption and Usage. These contribute to overall customer retention and satisfaction.


We measure adoption as the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) / Total Number of Seats Purchased.

Currently, our adoption targets are as follows, based on the completion date of production environment setup/configuration (not contract date):

  • Day 0 - Day 90: 25% consumption
  • Day 91 - 180: 50% consumption
  • Day 181+: 75% consumption

In the future, we intend for our customers to have a functioning production environment ready at deal close / signature so that we can begin user onboarding from Day 1 of of contract. Coupled with customer training being built at-scale, a desired future state for adoption will be to achieve 75% consumption by Day 180 of of contract.


We measure usage as the number of Daily Active Users (DAU) / Mothly Active Users (MAU).

Currently, we view healthy usage as DAU / MAU exceeding 30%.

In the future, we intend to correlate usage with feature consumption based on customer use cases.

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