Customer Training Engineers

For roadmap and goals, see our roadmap.

Who we are

Customer Training Engineers (CTE), within Customer Engineering (CE), are specialized experts focused first and foremost on customer training and enablement. Our team will define, build, and maintain all aspects of external training, starting with our Enterprise customers first. This includes the definition (and continued iteration) of the strategy and standardization of our customer-facing training methodology and curriculum to support that strategy.

Customer Training resides within the larger CE organization but is not aligned to a particular region, market, or segment. Our work seeks to impact the global CE org and eventually, every single customer.

As an extension of the way we train and enable users, this team will secondarily focus on internal training and enablement of Customer Engineers in support of our customers’ experience. We will train our CEs on how to provide customers with consistent, relevant, repeatable, and timely training and enablement materials (train the trainers) that increase use-case adoption and enables admins and end-users, in addition to occasionally hosting webinars and training sessions ourselves. In time, we expect dedicated Trainers to conduct Enterprise customer training.

Team Culture & Norms

Team Norms

Given the team’s small (but mighty) size, the team has an initial focus on self-directed, high-agency work. Teammates are empowered to build connections within the organization in pursuit of aligned goals and are empowered to structure their workday in whatever manner allows them to hit assigned objectives.

The team has a weekly team meeting at which to discuss updates and make decisions that are best handled synchronously. Otherwise, the team makes an effort to default to async communication. The team can be reached using the @cte alias in Slack if needed, and uses the #customer-training Slack channel.

The team endeavors to come to a clear consensus on the directly responsible individual (DRI) for all OKRs and projects where an identified DRI is appropriate and operates from a “disagree and commit” stance (feedback is solicited, but the final decision rests with the identified DRI and is committed to by the team, even if individuals disagree with the choice). The DRI is responsible for being the primary point of contact for reporting, gaining buy-in and alignment from the team, etc.

The team defaults to direct, private, written, actionable feedback.

How we work in support of customers

Though the CTE org works alongside the CEs and likely will do a significant amount of CE team training internally, the core focus and the goal that that training is intended to drive is improved Enterprise customer outcomes. The metrics associated with improved outcomes are defined by the larger business (following the same ARR north star as other departments unless that changes), but individual projects may be hypothesized to move other metrics in service of the north star. Projects should have an identified metric to evaluate success against (even if qualitative feedback is the metric, it should be collected pre/post).

The team has a primarily strategic focus. Strategic activities include curriculum building, customer education as a whole, and maintaining an open-source repository of documentation, scripts, and more to help customers and CE self-serve. The initial focus for the team will be related to standardizing existing training assets for synchronous webinar trainings conducted by the CEs, and internal enablement for the CE team around delivering these trainings.

Unlike CEs, CTEs are not aligned to specific customers. Work is focused across the Enterprise customer base.

CTEs are focused on enabling the CEs around customer training, not role-related (“how to be a CE”) enablement. The CTE team is not an internal enablement team. Internal enablement and skill-building around the core CE function continues to be owned by CE managers.

How we work with other teams

The team can be reached using the @cte alias or the #customer-training channel. The team is also in the #ce channel, however, the #ce channel is more focused on the actual Customer Engineers, not the CTE sub-team.

The CTE team is part of the #user-education-guild, where they align on customer-facing educational projects from different teams (Marketing, Docs, etc.).

The CTE team is open to requests from the CE team for assets, trainings, etc. that would be useful. CTE will take the requests into account and may choose to assist as time permits, but will primarily be focused on strategic work and may not be available for the generation of one-off assets. In that case, the CE is encouraged to make the asset themselves and share it with the CTE team and the CE team. Requests should be shared in the #customer-training channel.

Internal Team Resources

  • New CTE Onboarding (WIP)
  • Career Development (WIP)