OKR Plan

In order to ensure that the customer support team is able to recover from the COVID impact that made for an unusually difficult end to and we are able to continue showing up for our customers without risk of burnout, we will forego OKRs for . Instead, we will focus on keeping the lights on – our number one priority: when something isn’t working for a customer, we want to live our ethos and resolve technical issues and answer technical/product questions in a way that feels (reasonably) effortless for our customers.

To measure our success in , we will focus on our standard definitions of success, measuring the following at a team level in this tracker:

  • Anyone on the team will be able to review all open cases and say “yes” we are honoring our guiding principles and at least 95% of the time when measured.
  • We maintain 1 hour response (internal) SLA 100% of the time for all pre-sales customers (checked for last 30 days).
  • We maintain an overall average of 2 hour response for all customers (pre-, post, open source/free) (checked for last 30 days).
  • We maintain an overall average 7 day resolution (checked for last 30 days).
  • We continue to engage engineering no more than 10% of the time if we exclude requests for help posted to our #delivery and #repo-management teammates; for #delivery and #repo-management (checked for last 30 days), we need to determine if we can lower our need for help requests for these issues and if so, how. All we know now is that we need help the most with these parts of the product and it no longer seems to be about team enablement.
  • All application engineers are able to honor their focus day at least 80% of the time.

A member of CS leadership will update the tracker weekly.

Additionally, we will aim to complete the following by the end of the quarter:

  • Resume case reviews and introduce the long running case retro practice
  • Enable (at least) all other leaders and program managers to serve as messenger
  • Solidify our change management practices
  • Solidify our project management practices
  • Identify possible ways to lower need for requests for help for #delivery and #repo-management

As time, capacity, and energy allow, application engineers will also continue to build out our enablement library. Application engineers are welcome to “claim” any of the areas of focus from the technical competency matrix and create the relevant enablement materials. We will get as much done as possible and hold grace for ourselves if we are not able to get much of this done.