OKR plan

In support of our company level OKR to provide a world-class admin experience, we will:

  • Lower support resolution time from 8.4 days on average to 7 days or less.
  • Increase our internal enablement library from 6 courses to 11.

To accomplish this:

  1. Brielle will implement a practice to review and pre-mortem all cases that are not yet solved and have been open for 14+ days.
  2. Nonso will launch a practice to cross-functionally retro all cases that take longer than 21+ days to resolve.
  3. Nonso will facilitate a workgroup of folks willing to raise their hand to continue building our enablement library.
  4. Virginia will launch a collaborative effort with our other engineering teams to move to customer calls faster in our process to reduce resolution time. We move to calls readily, but we need to have full buy-in with our partners on other engineering teams for when they are needed on calls, too.
  5. Virginia/Brielle/Nonso will launch a report that summarizes any risks to the customer experience that surface during the support workflow (ie customer sentiment, quality concerns, process concerns)
  6. Shawnteé will launch a support-focused feedback survey we can send customers to solicit their thoughts on how we can further reduce resolution time/improve the customer experience when a support issue arises.
  7. Shawnteé will solicit feedback from PMs/EMs on how we can iterate and improve on our quarterly insights report to consistently and proactively provide insights to improve the customer experience.
  8. Shawnteé will facilitate a workgroup to create a Zendesk add-on that lets triage automate customer-specific internal notes to set-up the AER responsible for success (ie, notes about technical exceptions, etc).
  9. Alex will continue to collaborate with #delivery as-needed as they work to make improvements to the resource estimator.
  10. Warren will collaborate with #repo-management to scope our one-click data export tool meant to include as much relevant troubleshooting information as possible.
  11. Consistently rally to as quickly as possible resolve any issues that impact JPMC, Goldman, AMD, Pinterest, Allegro, and Carrier (the 6 customers who signed by the start of and need to be production complete with active users by end of quarter).
  12. Continuously assess and brainstorm ways to improve the customer experience, whether in the support workflow or suggestions for other teams to consider.
  13. Fulfill any review requests from other teams for deployment documentation improvements and/or other review work in support of improving the admin experience.


  • Sarah will facilitate structured social time on a monthly cadence.
  • Virginia will create career levels for our program managers and review the career levels People Ops is creating for our managers.

We will track our progress in our tracker