Adeola Akinsiku

View on Customer Support

customer support is challenging but when executed correctly, can be the sole reason why a customer will chose you over the next. correct execution can look like minimizing the number of times support is needed, but when ensuring that when it is, the process is seamless and leaves the customer feeling better than they did before they needed help.

Preferred learning style


Communication style

honest, upfront, respectful, tactful

Collaboration style

observer, open to ideas, selfless

Approach to problems

try to spend time to solve a problem—but not too long so i dont get inside my head, then speak with someone who can explain, then revisit the topic on my own to form my own understanding

Preferred way to be recognized

honest recognition—however the person chooses

What I enjoy at work

having the space to learn new things at a pace that works for me, getting to know my team, getting to know our product, working towards our mission

Thoughts on asking for help

asking for help needs to feel easy

Preferred time to work

when my mind is clear

Feelings to receiving messages outside work hours


How to show up when I’m feeling off

remember to be non judgemental

Things that make me anxious

alot of people waiting on me, people being untrustworthy

Technical areas of knowledge

  • frontend programming

Technical interests to learn

  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • cloud
  • more programming

Current personal project


What I fear


Favorite quote


How I eat fries

hopefully they are crispy, they can be sweet potato fries but preferarably not waffle fries. i like ketchup but sometimes fries look so good i dont want to waste time dipping them in ketchup… i say all that to say…I love fries 😂

Sun, moon and rising signs

cancer sun, saggitarius moon, taurus rising