Customer Engineering Educational Materials

This page (WIP) provides new and existing CEs alike with important training, demos, and product-specific materials that may be beneficial as you service your customers.

Trainings and Demos

Product-Centric Topics

CE Tools

List of commonly used and recommended tooling for Customer Engineers.

Core tools



Recurring Team Meetings

  • CE team meeting (bi-weekly on Wednesdays): Global team sync; open team discussion about any topics
  • Demo workshop (bi-weekly on Wednesdays): A space for the CE team to collaborate on demos, scripts, and other ideas / needs that will help us serve our customers better
  • CE team hangout (monthly on Thursdays): An open forum to ask questions, collaborate, and chat as a team.
  • Product & CE Requests & Feedback Themes (bi-weekly on Wednesdays): Feedback treads and requests between CE and Product.
  • CE <> Sales Office Hours (bi-weekly on Tuesdays): An open forum to discuss topics and answer questions from the sales team.

OOO Protocols

Prior to taking time off, CEs should:

  1. Log time off request in Roots PTO
  2. Log time off on the CE team google calendar
  3. Work with their manager to create a coverage plan
  4. Notify their customers through the appropriate channel of their upcoming OOO
  5. Update their slack status accordingly with OOO dates indicated

CE-Specific Slack Channels

Slack ChannelDescription
#ce-internalInternal channel the CE team to touch base with each other.
#ceExternal channel for other teams to ask CEs a question.
#customer-supportWhere support collaborates with everyone outside of support.
#ask-product-engWhere CEs can ask product and Eng questions about Sourcegraph.
#feedbackWhere CEs can share customer feedback with product.