Christy Haragan

My view on customer engineering

CEs are the technical face of customer, product, and company. CE’s are the nexus of the customer, sales, support, product, marketing, and engineering. They are responsible for the success of the customer, from cradle to grave, from finding suitable customers, finding what resonates, ensuring they are successful with the product, and they drive value at every point of their engagement with Sourcegraph.

Preferred learning styles

I learn by doing, typically. But I can also watch someone do an activity and pick up the basics that way too.

Communication style

Clear, precise, as simple as possible. I prefer when people are direct with me; whether its good or bad, I would rather someone tell me directly and as soon as possible. If I know about something I feel empowered to do something about it (in whatever capacity I may have).

Preferred way to collaborate

Async is great when large groups are involved and the input from each individual is minimal, but for more challenging issues, face-to-face (or zoom) is hard to beat. Virtual white-boards or documents provide an excellent way to recreate that “in the same room” experience.

Time of day where I’m most productive

Morning for individual work. Afternoon for group work.

How I approach problems

Step 1 is understanding the why: Why are we trying to solve this problem. This is important, especially when looking for innovative solutions. If we just start with the problem, we may end up down a path that is untractable; but if we understand the bigger picture, there may be a path that involves a simpler problem to solve. Once we’ve identified the problem to solve, my approach is to break the problem down, look at it from different angles. Try to find known solutions. Try to understand the parts that work or break. Find a known state of good, and go from there.

Preferred way to be recognized/appreciated

Direct recognition. If you tell me in person I will appreciate that.

How to convince me to do something

Ask me and give me a reason why.

Thoughts/feelings/preferences when it comes to asking for help

I’m happy for people to ask me for help. I will want to understand the ask, and the why. If I feel the exercise is best executed by someone I will suggest or delegate to that person.

How I like to give and receive feedback

Direct constant feedback is best. By making it a habit, it’s easy to course correct. We should explain what is the expectation? What is the observed gap? What are some examples?

Feedback should be two way. It should be given in a friendly manner, and with the understanding it’s to help, not to critise. It takes two-way trust to feel comfortable feeling that way.

What I find enjoyable at work

Helping grow a company. Helping fill in the gaps of what we do. Helping make our lives better. And seeing the impact that all has on our customers in the service and value they get from us.

What kind of work do I find easiest to do when

Solving abstract problems. I like to model things. If I can visualise a problem I can start reasoning about it.

Solving problems involving other humans is extremely enjoyable to me, but much harder :D

How do I feel about getting messages after/outside of hours that are meant for me to see and respond to during active hours

It’s fine. If it’s urgent I am happy to respond if it’s not too late, but typically I’ll wait until the start of the next working day.

How folks can best show up for me when I seem off

If I seem off, ignore it. It’s not personal, it’ll go away. That said, I try not to let stress or personal problems interfere with how I interact with colleagues. If you think I’m not acting in the most conducive way, let me know, and maybe ask if I’m alright.

Things I am aware of that trigger anxious feelings/feelings of less than at work

Not having control over a situation that I feel I ought to. I am generally sanguine to situations that are obviously outside of my control; and situations that are on fire, but in which I feel I am able to exert full control over, I’m typically ok with (if it goes bad, that’s my fault and I’ll own it).

It’s when there’s a situation in which someone or something has disempowered me, is where I feel most anxious.

Three things that bring me back to center when I’m stressed

Going for a walk. Talking to friends/family. Laughing.

A pet peeve of mine

Chewing gum. Chewing it silently and throwing it in a bin wrapped on foil is fine. But otherwise, I wish it was globally banned.

My areas of knowledge

I have a pretty broad knowledge of computing. I also have a long experience of sales.

Areas of interest to learn

Is it cheesy to say: What our customers are interested in?

Current personal project

Getting football (soccer) fit again. I used to play for a team a few years back, but had to stop. Want to get back into it, but that requires being pretty fit.

Something I fear

Zombies. I know they’re not real, but the very concept of them give me the creeps.

A quote I find powerful

Luck favours the prepared mind.

My Strengthsfinder results

  1. Strategic
  2. Futuristic
  3. Ideation
  4. Competition
  5. Intellection