Cloud launch process

Starting with Sourcegraph 4.0, we’re asking authors of non-trivial features launched on Sourcegraph Cloud to fill-out a questionnaire providing Cloud team with information about:

  • infrastructure / resource allocation changes that need to be made by the Cloud team
  • privacy / security / legal / cost implications of enabling the feature for a specific customer
  • planned launch timeline
  • troubleshooting and escalation steps

Non-trivial feature

For the purpose of this process, a non-trivial feature is a code / infrastructure change that fulfills one of the criteria below:

  • Introduces a new component to be deployed as a container / Cloud service
  • Requires changes of credentials / permissions / resources provisioned for existing workloads
  • Changes Sourcegraph UI / API in a way that requires a configuration (experiment flag / environment variable / site config) change


Two main goals of introducing this process are:

  • make sure feature authors & Cloud team understand the scope of features being launched and can work together to make the feature available on time
  • provide Cloud team (as default on-call responders) with sufficient context about new functionality available on cloud


  • adding process where it provides no value - most “features” do not require a questionnaire and can follow standard Sourcegraph launch process
  • Cloud team becoming a gatekeeper of launches

Further discussion in RFC 739.


Please use this as a template.

If you think it should be improved make suggestions in the doc, if you have questions, please let us know in #ask-cloud.

How does it work?

Please do reach out if you have any question even before start working on the questionnaire in #discuss-cloud-ops, we are happy to chat.

Past launches