Cloud Audit Logs

Audit logs for all cloud instances are automatically collected in a GCP log bucket in the customer project. By default, these logs are retained for 30 days. When the cloud team receive a request for audit logs, the cloud team typically exports these logs into a zip file and shares them with the customer.

How quickly the cloud team can provide audit logs is covered under our Support SLA .

Requesting an Extension to Cloud Audit Logs

By default, audit logs are retained for 30 days. Extensions beyond 30 days are possible upon request from CE or support. To file a request, please use this issue template.

Longer audit log retentions may be subject to additional costs. CE should refer to the pricing document at the end of this doc and discuss with the cloud team.

Customer Requests for Audit Logs

Customers can request audit logs via support or CE. Please fill out this issue template.

Audit Log Export

If a customer has previously requested audit logs or an extension to audit logs

Find the customer audit log bucket: gcloud logging sinks describe "audit_log_sink_gcs" --project=$CUSTOMER_PROJECT --format "value(destination)" | awk -F/ '{print $2}'

Then, export the logs from the resulting bucket:

gcloud storage cp --recursive gs://src-5c4a20ed462d4919/stderr/$YEAR/$MONTH/$DAY ./$LOCAL_DIR --project=$CUSTOMER_PROJECT
zip -r ./$LOCAL_DIR

Then ask the customer how they would like to receive the logs (typically via email)

How to backfill audit logs for a customer to a specific bucket (for Sourcegraph internal use)

If a customer has never requested audit logs before, or if the cloud team need to backfill logs for a customer, the cloud team can use the following steps:

To backfill logs from a Log Bucket to an arbitrary GCS bucket, you can use the following command:

# Create a logging export job
gcloud alpha logging copy "$AUDIT_STORAGE_BUCKET"$TARGET_BUCKET --location=global --log-filter="jsonPayload.Attributes.audit.auditId!=\"\" AND resource.type=\"k8s_container\"" --project=$PROJECT_ID

Then, view the resulting bucket to ensure the logs have been moved over.

These steps are based on these GCP Docs.

Cloud Audit Log Pricing

See this google doc for our raw audit log pricing to help our Sales team structure costs Sheet