Cloud Audit Logs

Audit logs for all cloud instances are automatically collected in an audit bucket in the customer project.

Requesting an Extension to Cloud Audit Logs

By default, audit logs are retained for 30 days. Extensions beyond 30 days are possible upon request from CE or support. To file a request, please use this issue template.

Customer Requests for Audit Logs

Customers can request audit logs via support or CE. Please fill out this issue template.

Audit Log Export

If a customer requests an export of their audit logs for the default retention of 30 days, a cloud engineer will need to enable audit logs and run the below commands to backfill the logs into the audit bucket.

# Create a logging export job
gcloud alpha logging copy "_Default"$AUDIT_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME --location=global --log-filter="jsonPayload.Attributes.audit.auditId!=\"\" AND resource.type=\"k8s_container\"" --project=$PROJECT_ID

Then, view the resulting bucket to ensure the logs have been moved over.

These steps are based on these GCP Docs.