Cloud Observability


Metrics are gathered from all resources using the included Prometheus instance. This instance scrapes and stores the metrics locally.

Only metrics queried in our monitoring generator are forwarded - this allowlist is automatically generated. If you’d like a new metric to be queryable in a centralized manner, you must create a dashboard panel for it.

Multi-instance dashboard

We no longer support multi-instance dashboards but the cloud-team is working on a replacement.

Common operations


Traces from Cloud instances are now all available in GCP tracing. To view a trace, follow the same How to use traces procedure. After clicking “View Trace” it may take a minute or two for the trace to become available in GCP. If the trace doesn’t immediately render, wait a little bit and refresh the page.


Application logs are automatically forwarded from the Cloud instances and made available in Google Cloud Logging. To view logs for a given Cloud instance, visit and select the project for the desired instance. Then execute the correct corresponding query.

Application Logs (Sourcegraph)


HTTP Load Balancer Logs


Postgres Logs