MI 1.1 Managed SMTP

See managed SMTP for more details.

Enabling managed SMTP

  1. Set disableManagedSMTP: false in the instance configuration.
  2. Run mi sync smtp -test-send.
    1. If any errors arise, follow remediation steps that get raised and re-run mi sync smtp -test-send.
  3. Test emails are sent to cloud-team+test_emails@sourcegraph.com from noreply+$INSTANCE@cloud.sourcegraph.com by default - check your inbox to verify that the test email has been received.

Disabling managed SMTP

  1. Set disableManagedSMTP: true
  2. Run mi sync smtp (as above, this is safe to re-run)

The customer may also disable managed SMTP by simply applying their own non-empty email configuration. Note that in this case, an engineer should still set disableManagedSMTP: true to correctly terminate the provisioned account and avoid unnecessary API calls to the vendor.

Health check

14-day vendor-side deliverability statistics are reported by mi check.

For more details, see managed SMTP: monitoring.