MI 1.1 Upgrade process



You have go installed

You have gcloud-cli (and you’re authenticated!)

Configure required env var

export MG_DEPLOY_SOURCEGRAPH_MANAGED_PATH=/path/to/deploy-sourcegraph-managed/repo

Install mg (or run go run ./util/cmd/. for all subsequent mg commands)

make install

# if you don't have $GOBIN
# add $HOME/.bin to your path
GOBIN=~/.bin make install

Upgrade managed_instance terraform module

  • Retrieve the latest executors module release version from https://github.com/sourcegraph/terraform-google-executors/tags
  • git checkout -b upgrade-executors-$version
  • Open modules/executors/main.tf and bump referenced upstream module version if it is outdated
  • Determine the next tag of mi-module-vx.y.z-va, e.g. mi-module-v3.40.1-v1.
    • vx.y.z should match the sourcegraph release version
    • va is used to track revision to the module in between the same sourcegraph release
  • Do a global string replacement of the referenced module source to the next tag for every instances
    • the reference exists in each $CUSTOMER/infrastructure.tf in the managed_instance module
  • Open a Pull Request, tag the latest main with the above tag


Ensure new version of docker-compose.yaml file is in the golden directory

If they are not, download the file and open a PR to commit the file prior to upgrade

mg update-golden -target $VERSION // e.g. 3.42.0

Ensure config.yaml file in customer directory is up-to-date

Check $CUSTOMER/config.yaml and make sure the file is present


Configure facts

export CUSTOMER=demo
export VERSION=3.40.0

Create branch

git checkout -b $CUSTOMER/upgrade-v$VERSION

Upgrade the deployment. At a high level, this will perform the following steps

  • update the symbolic link of $CUSTOMER/$CURRENT_DEPLOYMENT/docker-compose/docker-compose.yaml to the target golden file golden/docker-compose.X.Y.Z.yaml
  • sync the updated deployment artifact (e.g. docker-compose.yaml, prometheus_targets.yaml) to the VM
  • backup the Cloud SQL instance
  • run docker-compose up -d on the VM
mg --customer $CUSTOMER upgrade --target $VERSION

(Optional) If the instance has executors enabled (search for enable_executors = true in $CUSTOMER/terraform.tfvars), make sure the terraform module is up-to-date, then apply the terraform module

You should be expecting some replacement on the executors docker-mirror compute instance and the instance group

# Found in the [Managed Instances vault](https://my.1password.com/vaults/nwbckdjmg4p7y4ntestrtopkuu/allitems/d64bhllfw4wyybqnd4c3wvca2m)
export TF_VAR_opsgenie_webhook=<OpsGenie Webhook value>
terraform apply

Confirm instance health


Follow these steps

mg --customer $CUSTOMER check

Wrapping up

Commit your change:

git add . && git commit -m "$CUSTOMER: update docker-compose.yaml"

Create a pull request.


You MUST link the pull request to the Github issue that caused the upgrade.

gh pr create --title "$CUSTOMER: upgrade to $NEW_VERSION" --body "Part of <link to release tracking Github ticket>\n## Test plan No review required: normal upgrade\n"

Fallback plan

Follow restore process