How To Become A Sourcegraph Champion

The Sourcegraph Champion program offers developers an opportunity to share knowledge, empower the developer community, and make it easier for everyone to explore and better understand all code, faster, with contextual code intelligence to improve developer productivity and automate large-scale code change management.

Our Sourcegraph Champions are adept at:

  • Speaking about Sourcegraph at meetups & conferences.
  • Contributing to Sourcegraph open source code.
  • Writing and publishing articles on using Sourcegraph.
  • Creating and sharing educational content about using Sourcegraph.
  • Championing the adoption of Sourcegraph at companies.
  • Adopting Sourcegraph in Open Source projects.
  • Recommending and sharing Sourcegraph on social media channels.
  • Adopting Sourcegraph at Hackathons.

Sourcegraph Champion Perks:

  • Champions will receive exclusive Sourcegraph swags for themselves.
  • Access to the Sourcegraph internal team during annual founders roundtable.
  • Access to state of the art tutorials, guides and content.
  • Special access to Sourcegraph events, including consideration for speaking engagements.

Know someone that should be a Sourcegraph Champion? Please nominate them.