Data & Analytics

Who We Are

The Data & Analytics team is a centralized function that partners with teams within the organization to provide data, analysis, and enterprise reporting to help answer questions and make decisions. We are experienced data analysts and data engineers who own and manage the data platform and BI tools. We ensure that the systems you use and the data, analysis, and reporting we provide is high quality, timely, and useful to our partners.

The Team

Our Mission

Partner with the organization to build scalable data solutions and insights to help the company grow.

Our Pillars

Vision and Values

Our Capabilities

Communications/Asking a Question

The Data and Analytics team will strive to be Handbook first. Have a question? Look for the answer in our Handbook paged. Don’t see what you are looking for? Ask a question in one of our Slack channels.

  • #team-data-analytics for internal Data & Analytics communication
  • #discuss-analytics for anything related to analytics; not just the Data & Analytics team (e.g the impact on a shift from HubSpot to Marketo, sharing a deliverable that has cross-functional impact, or a question related to data you don’t know where to ask).
  • #team-data-eng for Data Engineering communication
  • #announce-operations for announcements and general updates

There is an analyst on support each week that will be answering questions and triaging requests that come through these channels.

See all FAQs here.

How to know what we are working on:

Data and Analytics Project Board (Here)