Project Intake

The Data and Analytics team accepts project/enhancement requests through GitHub issues in the Sourcegraph analytics repository.

Examples of project requests:

  • New dashboard requests
  • Exploratory analysis
  • Implementation of new business metrics (e.g. “Can we start tracking page views of our case studies?”)

When creating GitHub issues, please include as much relevant information as possible. Please use the relevant issue template in the repository and fill out the requested information. If no template matches, create a blank issue and include as many details around your request as possible.

This information is useful:

  • The problem: Describe the problem or question you have.
  • End state: What is the end state of the project? What decisions will be made? Be as specific as possible (i.e. if the end state is a graph, draw out the graph in a tool or paper)
  • The why: What will this request be used for? How does it support our goals?
  • Timeline: What’s the timeline of the project? Is it urgent? When does this need to be delivered, and how will it be followed up on in the future?
  • People: Who is involved, and what are the expectations of each person? Who will be responsible for driving the project forward? Does each person have the necessary bandwidth for driving the project forward? Does each person have the necessary bandwidth to uphold the expectations asked of them?
  • Frequency: Is this a one time ask or something that is needed ongoing? If ongoing, what is the cadence (daily, weekly, monthly, etc…)

A Data and Analytics team member will triage and assign issues to the relevant team member for items. For urgent requests, please specify in the ticket and also reach out in #discuss-analytics to ensure immediate action.