The tools we use

BI Tools


Looker is a business intelligence tool used for standard enterprise reporting and ad hoc reporting and analysis. All Sourcegraph employees can have View access to Looker. Some groups have the ability to create reports. If you are not a part of a group that can save content, reach out to #Analytics in Slack.

Looker has the ability to connect to all data sources that are located in our BigQuery DWH. It can also connect to documents in Google.

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Amplitude is a product analytics tool specializing in turning event data into actionable insights and dashboards. Amplitude lets you analyze funnels, user flows, retention and more.

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Google Analytics

Data Warehousing


Data Pipelines


Fivetran is a no code integration tool that allows for the creation of quick data pipelines into a data warehouse. There are 100’s of out of the box connectors.



Data Monitoring/Alerting


Monte Carlo (coming soon)