Brand expression

How we express our brand

Our brand is at the root of everything we do. It’s how we behave, communicate, look, and interact, across digital and real-world touch-points. Each element of our brand works together to demonstrate who we are and what we believe in.

We express our brand through our brand story, brand voice, and brand visuals. Our brand story is what motivates us—it explains why we do what we do. Our brand voice is the unique way in which we communicate, our tones and personality. Brand visuals reinforce and enhance our brand voice and story, communicating our values through graphic elements and style choices. Everything defined in this brand guide—from typeface, to color, to texture—is carefully chosen to visually represent our brand in support of our brand voice and brand story.

Brand story

What do we do, and why do we do it?
We believe that in this increasingly technical world, code should be transparent, easy to manage, and accessible to everyone.


To make it so everyone can code, we will create tools, networks, and incentives for coding at ever-larger scale.

Read more about our mission in the handbook.


These values are the beliefs and principles that help us achieve our goals and vision and build an inclusive team. These apply at every level of our organization—“you” refers to individuals, teams, and Sourcegraph as a whole.

Read more about our values in the handbook.

Brand voice

Voice attribute It means… It sounds…
Empowering We make complex information easy to understand. We empower people with knowledge to make decisions that are right for them so that they can move forward with confidence. Enabling
Helpful We help developers build more, build better, and build faster. We help those who are just starting out in development learn from and connect with the larger developer community. Knowledgeable
Friendly We play nicely with developer tools up and down the stack. We are positive, optimistic, and hopeful about the future. We believe technology can help drive equity and opportunity for all. Approachable

Our voice is informed by our story—because we believe in large scale accessibility and transparency in code, we chose attributes that reflect those values.

Our voice attributes guide how we articulate our communication. Each message requires differing amounts of each voice attribute, depending on the audience.

See also “Voice and tone” in our content guidelines.