Color palette

Primary colors

Our colors express our commitment to being a welcoming, vibrant, and accessible brand. The palette is simple and flexible allowing for application across business segments while maintaining unity.

Sourcegraph Sky Blue
Sourcegraph Vivid Violet
Sourcegraph Vermillion

Secondary colors

Use supporting colors for graphic elements, illustrations, callouts, website UI elements, and more.

Primary logo colors have been marked. The secondary colors, along with shades and tints, were chosen to support and compliment these three core colors.

#fff2cf Yellow Mist
#ffdb45 Lemon
#ffc247 Orange
#ff9933 Carrot
#ffc9c9 Red Mist
#ff5543 Vermillion
Primary logo color
#ed2e20 Pomegranate
#c22626 Poppy
#ffd1f2 Pink Mist
#d62687 Cerise
#c4147d Red Violet
#9e1769 Disco
#e8d1ff Violet Mist
#a112ff Vivid Violet
Primary logo color
#820dde Electric Violet
#6112a3 Seance
#bfbfff Plum Mist
#6b59ed Plum
#5033E1 Blurple
#3826cc Persian Blue
#c7ffff Blue Mist
#00cbec Sky Blue
Primary logo color
#00a1c7 Pacific Blue
#005482 Orient
#c4ffe8 Green Mist
#8fedcf Mint
#17ab52 Mountain Meadow
#1f7d45 Eucalyptus

Colors for website UI

Use supporting colors for added tonality and awareness within website UI.

Sourcegraph Light Gray

Our light gray can add tonality to and create space within layouts.

Alice Blue
Sourcegraph Dark Gray

Our dark gray can add tonality and depth to layouts.

Pale Sky
Sourcegraph Space Black

Our black is a true black to provide maximum contrast.

Sourcegraph Blurple

Use for button and CTA messages in website UI.

Sourcegraph Action Green

Use for check marks and to signal positive messages in website UI.

Mountain Meadow
Sourcegraph Alert Red

Use for alerts and to signal error messages in website UI.


Color use

When creating a layout, the logo should be the primary object that informs the rest of the layout. Once the logo is placed, add appropriate colors keeping in mind that our vibrant colors can quickly become visually overwhelming.

Color use for website UI

When applying color to website UI elements use Sourcegraph Red, Green, and Blurple from our secondary palette. Dark gray can be used for text and icons.

Sourcegraph Blurple

Blurple is used for button elements and CTA text.

Sourcegraph Action Green

Green is used for check mark elements and to signal positive messages.

Sourcegraph Alert Red

Red is used to signal serious alerts and error warnings.

Color misuse

Color should be used consistently to communicate a cohesive system.
Do not alter existing colors or add new colors to the palette. Use color to your advantage—and not to the detriment of a design.

Do not add new colors to the brand palette.
Do not use too many colors in a design.
Do not set text in a color that does not meet ADA requirements.
Do not use Sourcegraph primary blue, or any other brand colors that don’t meet ADA compliance for text or UI elements.
Do not saturate a design with color.
Do not set the logo on a color or gradient that does not have sufficient contrast.


Our gradients provide visual interest to backgrounds or container shapes. Gradients should be used sparingly.


Sourcegraph Sky Blue
Sourcegraph Blurple


Sourcegraph Vivid Violet
Sourcegraph Vermilion


Sourcegraph Sky Blue
Sourcegraph Vivid Violet


Sourcegraph Red Mist
Sourcegraph Violet Mist


Sourcegraph Violet Mist
Sourcegraph Blue Mist


Sourcegraph Blue Mist
Sourcegraph Green Mist

Gradient use


Gradient misuse