Design team goals

The design team goals help us align and prioritize our focus as a team. These team-level goals cascade from the overall company product vision and strategy. Additionally, each member of the design team will define their own individual goals based on the career ladder, their product team objectives, and/or the design team goals.

Design team goals for ,

Urgent and important

Theme: Win the top 100 organizations

  1. Objective: Remove blocks to adoption related to UI/UX for 2XL customers.
    • Key Result: Provide design support for all the key issues determined to be in scope by the strategic readiness effort.
  2. Objective: Get closer to our users.
    • Key Result: Each member of the design team participates in at least 1 sales, AE, or CE session per week.
    • Key Result: Each member of the design team has at least 10 hours of user time per quarter.
  3. Objective: Support sales in their efforts to transform leads into PoCs
    • Key Result: High-priority outward-facing sales materials are refreshed and aligned with brand platform.

Theme: Drive expansion in existing customers

  1. Objective: Identify opportunities to improve expansion in 2XL customers.
    • Key Result: We have identified specific opportunities to improve expansion within at least two 2XL customers.
    • Key Result: Specific projects have been prioritized with reference to the opportunities we identified.
    • Key Result: 10% MAU growth is observed in customers where projects are executed.

Non-urgent and important

Theme: Level up the design team

  1. Objective: Level up storytelling skills.
    • Key Result: Each member of the design team shares two #progress announcements that exhibit strong storytelling skills.
    • Key Result: Company-wide engagement in design review increases.

Theme: Level up research at Sourcegraph

  1. Objective: Measure UX baselines across the product.
    • Key Result: Establish clear UX baselines for the product.
    • Key Result: Top usability issues are identified.

Theme: Level up brand at Sourcegraph

  1. Objective: Establish brand consistency through new brand platform.
    • Key Result: Implement and launch brand standards.
    • Key Result: Identify and establish brand education process across organization.
    • Key Result: Identify process for measuring Brand Sentiment and establish baseline.

These goals will be revised and refined on an ongoing basis.