Surfacing design needs

Product design at Sourcegraph is low-process and highly collaborative. Most design needs are defined in the context of cross-disciplinary project teams, where the team works together across discovery and delivery phases, or in consulting design efforts, where a designer supports and unblocks engineering teams without an embedded designer. These design needs are intrinsically driven.

From time to time, we need to surface extrinsic design needs. This happens when someone spots something outside of the context of immediate design efforts but would benefit from some future attention from the product design team.

To surface something for the product design team:

  • On Slack, tag the team with @design-team or post in #design
  • On GitHub, add the label needs-design [TODO: add a link to GitHub Design Board and labels)
  • In Google Docs or emails, use the group

(Draft: As a product design team, we maintain a backlog of things surfaced as design needs that we review, draw themes and insights from, bring into ongoing design efforts, turn into action items, or choose to not act on.)