Team rituals

As an asynchronous-first, globally-distributed design team, our team rituals help bring us together as a design team and build stronger trust, physiological safety, and connections.

Design club

The design club is our weekly sync to help us keep the pulse of product design at Sourcegraph. We use this time to:

  • Share updates and highlights, and request feedback on work in progress
  • Discuss design-related issues with peers
  • Reflect on how we work as a product design team
  • Stay inspired

We have a running design club doc that we use to share and discuss topics asynchronously ahead of time. Each week, we rotate who facilitates.

A typical design club includes:

  • An icebreaker activity
  • A few minutes of silent reading and adding any extra topics or comments to the agenda
  • Sharing current topics
  • Sharing design inspiration

This design club is open to anyone, but is first for the product design team.

Design critiques

Our design critique process is informal right now, and very much project-team based. As a team, we’re planning to define a more structured design critique format and rhythm to better share our work within the design team.


We run team retrospectives on a monthly basis to help us continuously learn and improve. We focus mainly on collaboration and our processes.