Admin Experience engineering org


Our mission is to provide the fastest, most seamless way for development teams to bring Sourcegraph into their workflows. Going form 0 -> 1 with Sourcegraph should be intuitive and straight-forward. Our persona focus is Sourcegraph admins that deploy, configure, and maintain products and tools within their organizations


  • Admin Analytics Tiger Team
  • IAM: TBD
  • Security ensures proactive Security on our platform
  • Integrations is bringing the value of Sourcegraph closer to our users
  • Growth ensures new users understand Sourcegraph and continue actively using it.
  • DevOps ensures world class reliability and availability for our Cloud SaaS and Managed Instance platforms
  • Repo Management
  • Delivery brings Sourcegraph to our prospects and customers environments

Product Strategy – Mission/Vision/Focus Areas


#admin-exp-org channel in Slack