IC5 profile: Cloud Org

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Business need

The Cloud business is of strategic interest to Sourcegraph. This role is responsible for setting technical direction for Cloud Org and coordination of cross-team / cross-org initiatives required to 1) launch Cloud as a paid Sourcegraph offering for SMB and 2) evolve it to become a mature SaaS product capable of satisfying the needs of all Sourcegraph customers that don’t want to manage On-Prem Sourcegraph deployments.

Cloud-specific areas that would benefit from IC5-level focus include:

  • Long term evolution of Sourcegraph architecture and Cloud deployment model Support for Cloud multi-tenancy - providing required isolation / quality-of-service / auditability
  • Performance / scalability / cost efficiency improvements required to make Cloud profitable for Sourcegraph and attractive to customers
  • Self-service onboarding on Sourcegraph Cloud, including billing, subscription management, quota enforcement and account setup / management
  • Integrations with SaaS-specific dependencies / providers - including observability, experiment framework and feature flagging, Identity & Access Management - while maintaining compatibility with OnPrem deployments

Initially, this IC5 profile will operate at the intersection of above areas / collaborate with all Cloud teams - in the longer term it is likely that this role will need to be split into more than one profile focused on a subset of Cloud needs.

Expected impact

  • Track record of building and operating multi-tenant, public facing SaaS systems handling sensitive customer data
  • Expert understanding of Cloud-based architectures (preferably on GCP), including Kubernetes and related technologies
  • Ability to set technical direction in non-functional areas, including performance, reliability, security and cost optimization
  • Experience creating, participating and managing an on-call rotation for a customer facing product


  • Set technical direction for the Cloud organization
  • Drive evolution of Sourcegraph Cloud architecture to satisfy current and future business goals
  • Own the process of measuring and improving Sourcegraph Cloud operational maturity and availability
  • Adapt Sourcegraph-wide engineering processes to serve the needs of SaaS delivery model
  • Identify Cloud specific tooling / process requirements, research alternatives and assure required changes are compatible with other deployment models
  • Define Sourcegraph / Cloud scalability envelope, drive improvements across org boundaries


  • Identify areas of improvement in the current Cloud architecture - prototype, design and scope solutions
  • Collaborate with cross-org peers to set technical direction for Sourcegraph architecture, addressing the needs of both Cloud and OnPrem deployments (ex. deployment model, API paradigm)
  • Facilitate cross-team collaboration at the intersection of multiple ownership areas (ex. Security / DevOps / Feature work)
  • Partner with cross-org teams to bring standardization of development / installation / operation across all deployment modes
  • Drive the definition of internal / external Cloud SLAs, leading incident response within Cloud and across orgs
  • Help teams outside of the organization align and understand integrations and deployments of features for Sourcegraph Cloud