IC5 profile - Code Intelligence Platform

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Business need

Code Intelligence is a core pillar of Sourcegraph’s product offering, powering both heuristic and compiler accurate code navigation. The area has a standing need for an IC5 profile to own the technical direction and scaling of the data platform that powers Sourcegraph’s cross-repo navigation experience. As such, this engineer is expected to carry out and have the following skills and responsibilities:

  • Evaluate and devise the platform technical roadmap to ensure:
    • Product stability: Sourcegraph is able to both process and serve code intelligence data efficiently at scale.
    • Product opportunities: Sourcegraph is able to offer best-in-class precise code navigation and capitalize on both the data produced and the underlying technology to enable and solve new customer use cases.
    • Product scale: Prototypes and solutions to solve the next order of magnitude scale blockers are consistently evaluated.
  • Deep systems design, database and algorithmic skills
    • Distributed systems: Design and lead development of distributed systems
    • Algorithmic foundations: Strong familiarity with properties of tree and graph structures
    • Depth of knowledge: Ability to effectively analyze, communicate and work with technological approaches and communicate the trade-off at multiple levels of the software stack: operating systems, containers, virtualization, network communication, database internals, etc.
    • Database expert: Deep database design, debugging and optimization skills.
  • Acting as a multiplier at the team and org level
    • Promote and champion new architectural concepts or codebase idioms at the org level.
    • Intersection: Proactively produces approaches or concrete solutions that lie at the intersection of depth of knowledge and multi-team impact.
    • Mentorship: Conducts specific 1:1 mentorship both within the team and outside in key expert areas such as algorithmic and database engineering.