IC5 profile - Search Core

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Business need

Search is Searchgraph’s core product offering. As such, it’s critical for the business that search is performant with even the largest repositories, returns relevant results, makes efficient use of resources, and provides effective integration points for other teams. As a result, Sourcegraph has a standing need for an IC5 on the Search Core team to own the technical direction of Zoekt, Searcher, ranking and diff/commit searches. This IC is expected to:

  • Continuously evaluate competing industry solutions, and industry needs in our product space. Identify opportunities for technical advancements to provide opportunities for business growth. Champion these opportunities and relate them to top-level company goals. Share knowledge and accelerate learning in the team. Balance exploration with product priorities, in collaboration with the EM and PM.
  • Set and communicate the technical roadmap for Zoekt and Searcher that teammates can execute against. Although each technology solves different problems, they both have similar technical challenges around global scale, latency requirements, index resource utilization, a unified code base to support SaaS and on-premise, performance around branches, diffs and commits searches as well as the optimization engine for interpreted search queries.
  • Build and communicate a vision for results ranking that is effective for SaaS and on-premise customers. Help identify important metrics and appropriate solutions to personalize search experience.
  • Collaborate with other teams at Sourcegraph to understand their needs and to build upon the foundation work by the team. Propose solutions and bring them forward for prioritization in collaboration with the EM and PM. Spec out, scope, delegate, and oversee technically demanding work. Continuously collaborate with other teams to ensure the proposed solution meets their needs.
  • Regularly evaluate the code indexing needs of the open source community on Sourcegraph.com to ensure appropriate coverage and support of code hosting sites, packages, and repositories. Collaborate with the EM and PM to prioritize work to drive business growth and opportunities.