IC5 profile - Search Product

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Business need

Search is Sourcegraph’s core product offering. As such, it is critical for the business to ensure that our search language and capabilities meet the needs of existing customers and prospects alike, and that they provide a competitive advantage over other solutions. As a result, Sourcegraph has a standing need for an IC5 on the Search Product team to own the technical direction of our search language and capabilities. This IC is expected to:

  • Continuously evaluate competing industry solutions, and industry needs in our product space. Identify opportunities for technical bets that would further differentiate our product by filling a gap in competing solutions, or an industry need. Champion these opportunities in and relate them to top-level company goals. Balance exploration of these technical bets with product priorities, in collaboration with the EM and PM.
  • Work with other teams at Sourcegraph who build on top of search capabilities to understand their needs. When identifying gaps in search capabilities that unlock strategic value for other teams, propose solutions and bring them forward for prioritization, in collaboration with the EM and PM. Drive implementation of these solutions. Continuously collaborate with other teams to ensure the proposed solution meets their needs.
  • As needed, evaluate business-critical product needs such as requests from key prospects, proposing generic solutions when applicable, and providing an evaluation of the cost and impact on current priorities, but also on long-term product and codebase health.
  • Proactively identify the technical work required to build a healthy, future-proof foundation for our search capabilities. Incrementally make progress on this foundational work, balancing it with product priorities, in collaboration with the EM and PM.
  • Proactively gather feedback from customers and usage data. Use this information to inform the direction and design of search language and capabilities, seeking to provide generic, future-proof solutions.
  • Build and communicate a vision for search language and capabilities that other teammates can execute against. Spec out, scope, delegate, and oversee technically demanding work. Grow other teammate’s proficiency, helping them gain the domain-specific knowledge necessary to contribute to our search language and capabilities.