Event Data Gathering cross-product owner

✅ As of September 16th 2022, this project is officially completed! Employees can see the update in slack. The DataOps team will be running enablement sessions with teams across Sourcegraph over the coming weeks.

Mission and ownership

The goal of this project is to increase Sourcegraph’s operational efficiency by increasing the data aggregated from customers instances. This data will help our teams develop valuable features for customers, in a more efficient way, while maintaining high levels of trust with customers.


Our working group is a cross-functional group of people from across Sourcegraph.

  • DRI: Lauren Anderson
  • Exec Sponsor: Dan Adler
  • PM: Ryan Phillips
  • Data Engineer: Nathan Downs
  • Legal Partner: Collette Tesauro
  • Lead Engineer: Coury Clark


  • Maintain trust with customers - Any solution we develop cannot break trust of our customers. This means that enterprise and strategic customers must be able to opt-out of data gathering and customers who opt-into tracking should trust that we are handling data with care.
  • Gather no PII - Our motivation for gathering data is to provide more value to customers, faster. Accomplishing this goal does not require PII data and we commit to not capturing any identifiable data.
  • Democratize Data Analysis - This system must be built in a way that anyone across Sourcegraph can build event-level usage reports in a self-service way (i.e. the way it exists today on dotcom).


Due to the sensitivity of this project, our working documents are internal only at this time. As we release our MVP, we will update our publicly facing documentation.