Engineering hiring process

This section of the handbook documents the hiring process for roles on the engineering team.

Most of our process is documented in a private repository, but our goal is to move as much as possible into the handbook.

Open positions

See our careers page for open positions and more info.

Interview polices for Sourcegraph teammates

Frontend positions

Since there is a smaller number of Sourcegraph teammates with frontend expertise (as compared to backend), we have a different policy for distributing tasks related to hiring. Our policies on frontend interviews and grading are:

  1. All frontend engineers are expected to (eventually) participate in hiring, as long as they have been in their current position for at least three months.
  2. To gain experience with a particular type of interview/assignment, the engineer should pair at least once with someone who is experienced.
  3. For interviews, an interviewer from the same team or org as the open position is strongly preferred. If this is not possible (e.g., due to PTO, timezone availability, or interviewer load), any other frontend engineer with that type of interview may be selected. (Note that this does not apply to the follow-up calls related to the coding exercises. As a rule those should be scheduled with the engineer(s) who did the grading.)
  4. For assignment grading, we aim to distribute the load as evenly as possible across all frontend engineers; there is no need to scope the assignments to a particular team/org.

The source of truth for assignment grading (who has experience with each type of assignment) can be found in the internal Assignment Grading Experience sheet.

For the purposes of hiring, frontend engineer means anyone on the @frontend-devs list.

Other positions

For non-frontend positions, the policy is left up to the hiring team/org.