Frontend Engineer interview process for Integrations team

  1. You apply.
  2. [30 min] Recruiter screen
  3. [45 min] HM intro call with Murat Sutunc: We chat with you about Sourcegraph and to find out what you are looking for in your next role.
  4. [Up to 2 hrs] Take-home coding project: We will ask a general software problem. No framework or specific language knowledge is required. The solution will be blackbox tested but we will also review the code.
  5. [2 hrs] Technical interviews:
    • [1 hr] You will meet with TJ Kandala and another engineer who will give you feedback from our review and ask any follow-up questions
    • [15m] Break
    • [45 min] We will ask you a system design question to collect signals of solving real large-scale problems.
  6. [1 hr] Team collaboration interview with Joel Kwartler and Alicja Suska to assess how you communicate and collaborate on a team.
  7. [30 min] TBD
  8. [30 min] Beyang Liu (CTO)
  9. We make you a job offer.
  10. We check your references during your first week to find out what motivates you and how best to work with you.

We want to ensure Sourcegraph is an environment that suits your working style and empowers you to do your best work, so we are eager to answer any questions that you have about us at any point in the interview process.

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