Hiring manager intro call

This is the first call with a candidate. The goals are to:

  • Evaluate the candidate’s communication skills and enthusiasm for Sourcegraph.
  • Validate the role and the candidate’s skills/desired role are aligned.
  • Answer any questions that they have.

What to measure

  • Are their career goals aligned with the role such they will feel happy, challenged, and thriving?
  • Do their strengths align with what we are looking for in the role?


Review the candidate’s resume, application responses, and any other links or information that is relevant (e.g. LinkedIn profile, personal website, etc.) so you don’t ask any questions that you should know the answer to.


Each candidate call will be slightly different, time estimates included as approximation to ensure all points are covered.

  • (1 min) Introduce yourself and let them know you would like to dig into their background for ~20 minutes, and then will leave 10 minutes after to ask any questions about Sourcegraph and the role.
  • (19 min) Learn about the cadidate
    • What are you looking to get out of your next role?
      • What is the most important thing you are hoping to learn/do?
    • Say I hire you today. What are the risks of you starting in this role?
      • What will you do in your first 30–60 days to set yourself up for success and mitigate these risks?
      • What do you need from me/your team to be successful?
  • (~10 min) Answer any questions that they have. Use this as an opportunity to sell Sourcegraph (assuming you want to move forward with the candidate).
    • If you don’t know the answer or think there is someone else who would be able to give a better answer, tell the candidate that you will write down their question and followup over email.