Customer Calls Shadowing Rotation

Customer Calls shadowing is intended to give engineers more first hand experience working with customers, expose them to pain points, and allow them to bring that experience back to their teams to increase our ability to deliver better products. Hearing directly from the customer how our products are used, the different challenges faced and various uses cases should lead to a much deeper understanding of what we need to build and prioritize for our customers.

How it works

  • Each rotation is 1 week long and may consist of n+1 calls. By limiting it to one week we ensure that all engineers get to undertake at least one rotation in one calendar year.
  • AE identifies calls they’d like engineers to attend and adds them to this sheet.
  • Engineer signs up and indicates availability.
  • Engineer is added to a weekly rotation and invited to specific customer meetings.


  • Customer call shadowing should not be used as a mechanism for an engineer to troubleshoot, debug, and solve specific issues. Our other existing processes should be used in these scenarios.

Pre Call

  • AE will send calendar invite to the engineer.
  • AE to provide as much context (share previous meeting notes, add engineer to relevant slack channels) to the engineer as well as set expectations.

Post Call

  • Engineer can share any notable insights post meeting with AE as well as wider team.


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How to participate

If you have questions or want to participate, please post in #customer-calls-shadowing or add yourself to the rotation sheet.