Information about Sourcegraph’s different instances.

For deployments of Sourcegraph we manage for customers, see managed instances.

Also see playbooks for common actions related to operating our Sourcegraph deployments.


Build status

This deployment is also colloquially referred to as ‘DotCom’ and ‘’. It is the public deployment available to the public at deploys the latest changes from sourcegraph/sourcegraph on a daily basis.

This deployment also includes our documentation and about sites.

🐶 For dogfooding changes, use instead, which generally receives updates faster.

Build status

This deployment is also colloquially referred to as “dogfood”, “dogfood-k8s”, or just “k8s”. This is the Sourcegraph instance to use for dogfooding changes to Sourcegraph. It contains Sourcegraph private code, and deploys the latest Sourcegraph images via ArgoCD

We are following GitOps practice to handle deployment of k8s. The source of truth of the deployment is sourcegraph/deploy-sourcegraph-dogfood-k8s.

We use two scheduled GitHub Actions to continuously create PRs to update the images and merge the created PRs on a fixed schedule. If you would like to bypass the schedule, do the following

Learn more in deployment basics.

🚨 This deployment contains private code - for demos, use instead.

Managed instances

Managed instances are deployments of Sourcegraph we manage for customers. We also maintain some internal managed instances for various use cases.

This deployment is used by Sourcegraph CE for demos.

This deployment is a managed instance used by Distribution for experimenting with managed instances in general.