Pull Requests compliance and requirements

All pull requests must provide a test plan and be reviewed by a teammate. If for situational reasons, it needs to be exempted, an exception is automatically recorded.

Exceptions are periodically reviewed by the @dev-infra-team infra-team on a weekly basis.


Tag @dev-infra-team on Slack for help.

Discuss the process in #discuss-dev-infra.


For all teammates

  1. If a PR is considered to be an exception, a GitHub issue is automatically created over a GitHub repository dedicated to track them, and the teammate who is responsible will be assigned.
  2. When assigned such an issue, the teammate (or a peer) is required to post an explanation for the exception as well as to justify how it was reviewed and/or tested, and close it.
  3. If the issue is reopened by @dev-infra-support, the teammate must update the explanation until considered valid by @dev-infra-support.

For engineer on dev-infra-support rotation

All issues prior to have been reviewed manually, even if they do not carry the approved label.

  1. Current engineer on @dev-infra-support rotation reviews closed issues which do not have the label approved.
  2. For each of those, if the provided explanation for the exception is valid, the engineer on rotation applies the label approved.
  3. If the provided explanation is invalid, the issue is reopened with a comment explaining. Back to step 2 on the teammates part of the process.