Frontend Crew

Frontend Crew is a biweekly, technically-focused get-together for all frontend (or frontend-curious) developers at the company. The idea is similar to a “guild” in the Spotify model:

A Guild is a more organic and wide-reaching “community of interest”, a group of people that want to share knowledge, tools, code, and practices. Chapters are always local to a Tribe, while a guild usually cuts across the whole organization.


To join a call, ask in #dev-frontend to get added to the invite by a currently listed attendee.


These engineers all have expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, and React, and maybe be called on to:

  • Give their opinions on frontend tooling at Sourcegraph
  • Review frontend PRs and provide help
  • Do frontend interviews and assignment grading

These people are available under the @frontend-devs alias on Slack and @sourcegraph/frontend-devs on GitHub (the two lists are kept in sync).

Note that this is not intended to be a comprehensive list of people with frontend expertise! Some full-stack engineers are not included in @frontend-devs because the primarily do backend development at Sourcegraph, or they aren’t very familiar with React, etc.