Cody Gatekeeper infrastructure operations

This document describes operational guidance for Cody Gatekeeper infrastructure. This service is operated on the Managed Services Platform (MSP).

If you need assistance with MSP infrastructure, reach out to the Core Services team in #discuss-core-services.

Service overview

Service IDgatekeeper (specification)
Service kindCloud Run job
Source - .



Project IDgatekeeper-prod-1c93
Deployment typesubscription
Slack notifications#alerts-gatekeeper-prod
Alert policiesGCP Monitoring alert policies list, Dashboard
ErrorsSentry gatekeeper-prod

MSP infrastructure access needs to be requested using Entitle for time-bound privileges.

For Terraform Cloud access, see prod Terraform Cloud.

prod Cloud Run

The Cody Gatekeeper prod service implementation is deployed on Google Cloud Run.

ConsoleCloud Run job
Service logsGCP logging
Service tracesCloud Trace
Service errorsSentry gatekeeper-prod

You can also use sg msp to quickly open a link to your service logs:

sg msp logs gatekeeper prod

prod Architecture Diagram

Architecture Diagram

prod Terraform Cloud

This service’s configuration is defined in sourcegraph/managed-services/services/gatekeeper/service.yaml, and sg msp generate gatekeeper prod generates the required infrastructure configuration for this environment in Terraform. Terraform Cloud (TFC) workspaces specific to each service then provisions the required infrastructure from this configuration. You may want to check your service environment’s TFC workspaces if a Terraform apply fails (reported via GitHub commit status checks in the sourcegraph/managed-services repository, or in #alerts-msp-tfc).

To access this environment’s Terraform Cloud workspaces, you will need to log in to Terraform Cloud and then request Entitle access to membership in the “Managed Services Platform Operator” TFC team. The “Managed Services Platform Operator” team has access to all MSP TFC workspaces.

The Terraform Cloud workspaces for this service environment are grouped under the msp-gatekeeper-prod tag, or you can use:

sg msp tfc view gatekeeper prod

Alert Policies

The following alert policies are defined for each of this service’s environments.

High Container CPU Utilization

High CPU Usage - it may be neccessary to reduce load or increase CPU allocation

Severity: WARNING

High Container Memory Utilization

High Memory Usage - it may be neccessary to reduce load or increase memory allocation

Severity: WARNING

Container Startup Latency

Service containers are taking longer than configured timeouts to start up.

Severity: WARNING

Cloud Run Job Execution Absence

No Cloud Run Job executions were detected in expected window (70m)

Severity: WARNING

Cloud Run Job Failures

Cloud Run Job executions failed

Severity: WARNING